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Incaely gained the achievement 'Pair Annihilation'
  incaely - Pair Annihilation: Defeat Ko'ragh in Highmaul with fewer than 15 Overflowing Energy orbs touching the ground or players without Nullification Barrier, on Normal difficulty or higher. (10 pts)  38 minutes ago, 22 Jul 2017 8:55
Gangrebouz - Orguldur got some loot - Guanti Lunghi di Skoldiir
  Orguldur got Guanti Lunghi di Skoldiir Guanti Lunghi di Skoldiir  tra 24 minuti, 22 lug 2017 9:57
Incaely - 'Twin Ogron kills (Mythic Highmaul)'
  incaely 'Twin Ogron kills (Mythic Highmaul)' (x1)   39 minutes ago, 22 Jul 2017 8:54
Incaely gained the achievement 'Mythic Draenor Raider'
  incaely - Mythic Draenor Raider: Complete the Mythic raiding achievements listed below. [Mythic: Gruul, Mythic: Oregorger, Mythic: Hans'gar and Franzok, Mythic: Beastlord Darmac, Mythic: Flamebender Ka'graz, Mythic: Operator Thogar, Mythic: Blast Furnace, Mythic: Kromog, Mythic: Iron Maidens, Mythic: Blackhand's Crucible, Mythic: Kargath Bladefist, Mythic: The Butcher, Mythic: Tectus, Mythic: Brackenspore, Mythic: Twin Ogron, Mythic: Ko'ragh, Mythic: Imperator's Fall] (10 pts)  32 minutes ago, 22 Jul 2017 9:01
Fear of Extinction - Beibei got some loot - Felskorn Mania
  Beibei got Felskorn Mania Felskorn Mania  in 9 minutes, 22 Jul 2017 9:42
Incaely - 'Ko'ragh kills (Mythic Highmaul)'
  incaely 'Ko'ragh kills (Mythic Highmaul)' (x1)   38 minutes ago, 22 Jul 2017 8:55

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