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Cleane, Champion of the Frozen Wastes - got some loot - Wristbands of the Swirling Deeps!
  cleane now has Wristbands of the Swirling Deeps! Wristbands of the Swirling Deeps  an hour ago, 23 May 2018 3:18
Twilight Vanquisher Movo progressed towards achievement 'Broken Isles Keymaster'
  movo - Step:'Maw of Souls' for 'Complete the following Legion dungeons using a Mythic Keystone: Progressing towards achievement Broken Isles Keymaster'  4 hours ago, 23 May 2018 0:18
Foxlock (Convert to Raid Sha)
  foxlock: Rep change(s): Army of the Light:8050.   14 minutes ago, 23 May 2018 3:57
Twilight Vanquisher Movo gained the achievement 'One Night in Karazhan'
  movo - One Night in Karazhan: Speak with the Image of Medivh on Mythic difficulty in Return to Karazhan. [Speak with the Image of Medivh.] (10 pts)  3 hours ago, 23 May 2018 0:47
Markipeeps - Deathyukia bought Relinquished Trinket
  Deathyukia bought Relinquished Trinket Relinquished Trinket  32 minutes ago, 23 May 2018 3:39
Shadowen the Immortal progressed towards achievement 'Lord of the Reins'
  shadowen - Step:'Obtain 300 mounts' for 'Lord of the Reins'  23 minutes ago, 23 May 2018 3:48

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