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Seigneur de la mort Ariai - a obtenu du butin - Chevalière de pierre de rogg!
  ariai possède maintenant Chevalière de pierre de rogg! Chevalière de pierre de rogg  il y a 15 minutes, 17 mars 2018 18:23
Khandy (Angels and Titans) New mount(s): Dragón nimbo astral
  khandy: Rep change(s): Kirin Tor:9865, Shadopan:5140. Gained some mount(s): Dragón nimbo astral.   hace 9 minutos, 17 mar. 2018 18:28
Panmaselko the Seeker - 'Malygos'
  panmaselko Did:'Malygos' for 'Malygos kills (10 player)' (x1) - Malygos kills (10 player)  an hour ago, 17 Mar 2018 17:35
Sesame Street - Hartstyle recebeu algum saque - Pingente de Cristal de Mana Exaurida
  Hartstyle recebeu Pingente de Cristal de Mana Exaurida Pingente de Cristal de Mana Exaurida  há uma hora, 17 Mar 2018 17:14
Sesame Street - Confess recebeu algum saque - Manoplas do Quebra-pontes
  Confess recebeu Manoplas do Quebra-pontes Manoplas do Quebra-pontes  há 30 minutos, 17 Mar 2018 18:08
Panmaselko the Seeker (Dream Walkers)
  panmaselko: Yay, more achievement points - now at 5945. Rep change(s): The Nightfallen:450. Profession(s): Herbalism is now rank 201, Fishing is now rank 122.   11 minutes ago, 17 Mar 2018 18:26

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