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Dazzerrie progressed towards achievement 'Master Crafter'
  dazzerrie - Step:'' for 'Master Crafter'  12 minutes ago, 19 Nov 2018 16:15
Model Hands - Pakal got some loot - Venture Co. Plenipotentiary Vest
  Pakal got Venture Co. Plenipotentiary Vest Venture Co. Plenipotentiary Vest  13 hours ago, 19 Nov 2018 3:37
Dazzerrie - got some loot - Supple Shoulderguards!
  dazzerrie now has Supple Shoulderguards! Supple Shoulderguards  12 minutes ago, 19 Nov 2018 16:15
Bloodgift of the Nightfall progressed towards achievement 'Azeroth at War: The Barrens'
  bloodgift - Step:'' for 'Azeroth at War: The Barrens'  4 hours ago, 19 Nov 2018 12:16
  dirkdiggler: Average Item Level Equipped: 376. Gear change: head: Dunecrawler Faceguard, shoulder: Honorbound Centurion's Shoulderplates, chest: Honorbound Centurion's Breastplate, hands: Sharktooth-Knuckled Grips, legs: Dread Gladiator's Plate Leg Armor, trinket1: Dread Gladiator's Insignia, trinket2: Razdunk's...  10 minutes ago, 19 Nov 2018 16:17
Model Hands - Pakal got some loot - Belt of Gleaming Determination
  Pakal got Belt of Gleaming Determination Belt of Gleaming Determination  12 hours ago, 19 Nov 2018 4:19

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