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Talrokh - bekam einige Gegenstände - Knochenfetischbreitgürtel!
  talrokh hat Knochenfetischbreitgürtel erbeutet! Knochenfetischbreitgürtel  vor 15 Stunden, 19 Nov. 2018 0:14
Scarab of the Nightfall gained the achievement 'Adventurer of Vol'dun'
  scarab - Adventurer of Vol'dun: Complete the following special encounters in Vol'dun. [Ak'tar, Ashmane, Azer'tor, Bajiani the Slick, Bloated Krolusk, Bloodwing Bonepicker, Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin, Commodore Calhoun, Enraged Krolusk, Gut-Gut the Glutton, Hivemother Kraxi, Jumbo Sandsnapper, Jungleweb Hunter, Kamid the Trapper, King Clickyclack, Nez'ara, Relic Hunter Hazaak, Scaleclaw Broodmother, Scorpox, Sirokar, Skycaller Teskris, Skycarver Krakit, Songstress Nahjeen, Vathikur, Warbringer Hozzik, Warlord Zothix, Warmother Captive, Zunashi the Exile] (10 pts)  8 hours ago, 19 Nov 2018 7:33
Jette (Mutiny)
  jette: Average Item Level Equipped: 351. Gear change: trinket1: Darkmoon Deck: Tides, mainHand: Honorbound War Staff. Rep change(s): The Honorbound:4967.   11 minutes ago, 19 Nov 2018 15:13
Raevan der Furchtlose (Diagnosis Murloc)
  raevan: Durchschnittliche Gegenstandsstufe angelegt: 374. Gegenstandswechsel: Brust: Tunika der Blutgottheit, Schmuckstück 1: Vermoderte Voodoopuppe   vor 14 Minuten, 19 Nov. 2018 15:10
Atherium of the Ashen Verdict progressed towards achievement 'Azeroth at War: Kalimdor on Fire'
  atherium - Step:'' for 'Azeroth at War: Kalimdor on Fire'  9 hours ago, 19 Nov 2018 6:52
Bang - got some loot - Blazefury Medallion!
  bang now has Blazefury Medallion! Blazefury Medallion  2 hours ago, 19 Nov 2018 13:43

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