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Cleane, Champion of the Frozen Wastes - got some loot - Mythic Keystone!
  cleane now has Mythic Keystone! Mythic Keystone  an hour ago, 23 May 2018 3:18
Undeadfishie the Light of Dawn (Veterans Guild) New mount(s): Grand Exped...
  undeadfishie: Yay, more achievement points - now at 18120. Average Item Level Equipped: 951. Gear change: head: Bearmantle Headdress, chest: Vest of Unfathomable Anguish, wrist: Wristbands of Rousing Violence. Rep change(s): Conjurer Margoss:1200. Gained some mount(s): Grand Expedition Yak, Green Proto-Drake. Gai...  16 minutes ago, 23 May 2018 3:53
Shadowen the Immortal progressed towards achievement 'Lord of the Reins'
  shadowen - Step:'Obtain 300 mounts' for 'Lord of the Reins'  22 minutes ago, 23 May 2018 3:48
Blood Champion Khaløn - 'Keristrasza'
  khaløn Did:'Keristrasza' for 'Keristrasza kills (Heroic Nexus)' (x2) - Keristrasza kills (Heroic Nexus)  an hour ago, 23 May 2018 2:58
Blood Champion Khaløn - 'Ick and Krick'
  khaløn Did:'Ick and Krick' for 'Ick and Krick kills (Heroic Pit of Saron)' (x4)   2 hours ago, 23 May 2018 2:30
Markipeeps - Dwarfmcnutts got some loot - Fulminating Arcstone
  Dwarfmcnutts got Fulminating Arcstone Fulminating Arcstone  in 25 minutes, 23 May 2018 4:35

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